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Essential Tips to Write Good and Retweetable Tweets

Most users on Twitter look for useful and interesting information, and providing them with the same is the best way to get more retweets. People love to know about polls, contests, events, etc.

In today’s world, a tweet is amongst the most effective marketing tool. One of the important things to remember when posting a tweet, is to understand what the reader seeks. When you understand what the readers’ preferences are, it becomes easy to write tweets.

Writing a tweet is an art. It can be mastered through practice, and most importantly, by understanding the psyche of readers. The art of writing concisely comes in handy when you are writing tweets. Deciding on the main point of your message is the crucial part of tweeting. Understanding this basic thing should help you decide on what to post and what not to.

Twitter is used by individuals, organizations, political parties, and many such groups, to stay connected with their followers. However, Twitter is mostly used by marketing personnel to reach out to potential customers. In order to draw the attention of readers, your tweets need to be interesting and informative as well. Here are few interesting tips on how to write a tweet.

How to Write a Tweet That Counts?

Fitting a message in a 140 character tweet is the biggest challenge faced by the twitterati. However, the space of 140 characters can actually be used effectively to deliver a good message. You just have to put some creative effort to make the tweet appear interesting.

Providing a link would direct readers to the page you want them to read. Your tweet should be catchy enough so that readers would want to click on the link. One thing you need to be careful about is to check whether your link works. There are chances of posting wrong links when you are using URL shorteners. So be absolutely sure about whether your links work or not.

Leave Enough Space in Your Tweet

This, in simple words, means keep your tweet short and to the point. It is important to leave sufficient space in your tweet if you want your people to retweet. Users generally append the tweet with the ‘RT’ symbol or text or hashtags. Not leaving enough space in your tweets is translated into getting lesser retweets.

Don’t Use Up All 140 Characters

Twitter restricts the limit of characters in a tweet to 140. This shouldn’t compel you to use all the 140 characters. A tweet should be clear and easy to read. If the message you want to convey to your followers fits in less space, you shouldn’t add text unnecessarily. Keeping the tweets short allows users to retweet them by adding their own signature to it.

The ‘About Us’ page of a website lets users know more about you. The ‘Bios’ feature of Twitter lets you present a short introduction to your profile. One can make good use of phrases and keywords to fill this section. If your bios offers something interesting and clever, the number of followers would definitely increase.

Give a Personal Touch to Your Tweets

Readers tend to get bored of reading tweets that contain business jargon. You should therefore think of personalizing your tweets once in a while. Your followers may find the break from regular business related tweets quite refreshing.

It is observed that retweets, on an average, contain 1.62 syllables per word. On the other hand, tweets which don’t get retweeted contain 1.58 syllables. The tweets which get retweeted contain unique words. The use of unique words attracts and holds the attention of readers. You might get more retweets by incorporating unique and long words in your tweets.

Tweet on Fridays between 4 5 pm EST

Friday is one of the best days to post your tweets. It is observed that readers are in a better mood on Fridays, and therefore, they are likely to share content. The time between 4 5 pm EST on Fridays, is considered the best for tweeting.

Adding the above message next to the text in your tweet increases its chances of getting retweeted. In fact, the number of retweets can increase 5 times by following this strategy. Simply asking for a retweet can put your message across to your followers directly. There are lesser chances of them finding the message annoying, since this is placed at the end of the tweet. The ‘Please Retweet’ message might simply act as a reminder to retweet, for those who really appreciate and enjoy reading your content.

Don’t Overuse or Avoid Hashtags

Hashtags help increase the relevancy of the content you present through your tweets. Your followers can easily locate the desired content if it is presented with a hashtag. However, with its overuse, a tweet appears cluttered. Therefore, make use of relevant and specific hashtags only.

To build a good follower base, you’ll have to tweet on a regular basis. If you tweet regularly, users will get into the habit of reading your tweets everyday. After a while, they may start following your tweets just like they follow news feeds.

Tweeting regularly is a good thing, however, you shouldn’t annoy everyone with an overdose of tweets. For example, if you tweet every single hour, it is likely that most of your tweets would go unnoticed. Remember, quality and quantity, both are important.

To get good at tweeting, you should interact with fellow users and retweet their tweets too. You cannot make much progress if you speak only about your business. Not all users are aware of the meanings associated with abbreviations. Therefore, as far as possible, avoid using abbreviations.

A tweet should be written in such a manner that readers get a quick idea of what you want to convey. Twitter users look for something refreshing that catches their attention. Reading cliched messages which hold no real value are a big turn off. Thus, to get more retweets, you should offer something unique to others.

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