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for its Viacom VIA

Amazon (AMZN) for its Viacom (VIA) streaming deal, Reuters reports. The news service adds the deal will run for more than two years and features "a deeper library of content" than what Viacom provided Netflix (NFLX). The deal is said to be Amazon’s largest ever, though it should be noted the Epix deal’s price tag could grow thanks to milestone payments. Regardless, Reuters’ figure backs up Reed Hastings’ April remarks about Amazon and Hulu "bidding more aggressively" for content. Netflix’s Q1 EPS beat had much to do with margin improvements stemming from slowing content cost growth (liabilities up only $100M Q/Q to $5.7B).

Meanwhile, Netflix is customarily spending over four million per episode on its so called "original content!" That is going to obviously exceed $200 million for Netflix.

Yes, I know that getting some "hot" new shows is going to be part of the game for Netflix (and others), but four million an episode? Moreover, in the case of House of Cards, Netflix, for all its cost, has only purchased streaming rights for a limited window of time.

I have enjoyed the Netflix streaming and DVD offerings over the last several years and I hope those good times can continue. The overspending on House of Cards could have bought Netflix a lot of other content, possibly from Viacom.

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