ray ban replacement lenses is said to be a mix of animation and live action segments and is set to hit theaters Feb. 28th

Dini Returns To Batman

Dini’s lips are naturally sealed about specifics, but expect this to be a major coup for DC Comics in 2013 or 2014. Thus far Dini’s most notable creation for the Batman universe was Harley Quinn, whose popularity after all these years continues to stun him. This isn’t to be confused with the Wave 2 of New 52 comics. The results were less than stunning; most of DC’s readership is male, only 5% are "new", and their small female readership shrank in recent years, although some caveats included a preference for store surveys versus internet ones and a gap in data between the two. "LEGO: THE PIECE OF RESISTANCE", directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller ("CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS") is said to be a mix of animation and live action segments and is set to hit theaters Feb. 28th, 2014. Will Arnett has been cast as Lego Batman, with Channing Tatum being looked at to voice Lego Superman. The star of the film will be Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), a normal law abiding "Lego man" who is mistaken for the MasterBuilder and has to form an alliance with others to save Lego world. Warner Brothers and the Lego franchise have teamed up to create a series of successful video games, and this remains an extension of those efforts. Warner Brothers attempted to get a "Superman vs. Batman" film made from 2000 2003, but various attempts at directors and production teams fell apart, and instead WB chose to keep the franchises apart and reboot their Batman film line via Chris Nolan. In an age where Marvel Studios has successfully bridged five solo heroes with their own films into one team venture, it is truly staggering that a LEGO film may be the first meeting of Batman and Superman on the big screen. Ironically, Batman was a frequent guest character on the "ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN" radio show which broadcasted from 1940 to 1951, so an attempt to unite them in live action is a bit of a "back to the future" move. The pair have naturally been teamed together in countless TV and video animated productions, just never in a feature film. A car struck him on Saturday and he remains in critical condition with brain injuries. There are currently no leads on the driver. Fellow DC alum Bill Mantlo suffered a similar situation years earlier and never fully recovered. Given the cost of medical bills, an appeal to fans and generous souls to aid in what will be hefty surgery costs is likely inevitable.

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